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Test Data Generation

The easiest and so most popular method to generate test data is to anonymized production data. This choice comes with a number of restrictions:

  • Data volume: you are limited to the quantity of data as found in production. What to do when there is not yet much relevant production data? How to simulate a trebling of concurrent users in your performance tests?
  • Changing Data: A new module will be integrated or an existing one will be drastically changed, then there is no production data pool to copy from.
  • Data Quality: With historic bugs, data migration problems and aborted processes, a lot of inconsistent / problematic data can pile up and cause problems during functional testing (thus costing extra time and money to deal with).

All of these problems can be avoided by generating test data. Additionally generated test data gives you the chance to test scenarios that have not yet occurred in production. Test data generation is one of our specialities, so we can offer you the software and a range of methods to create it.

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